Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Aztec Group Inc Florida Singapore Tokyo Japan Investments Services


Institutional investors and developers look to Aztec to take a leading role in securing development funding and permanent financing. Aztec's experience and knowledge enhance the delivery of viable financing opportunities. Issues are resolved in the initial underwriting to ensure prompt closings.

Permanent Loans

Aztec originates medium and long term mortgages for all types of commercial properties. Our network of national lenders and offshore investors provides Aztec diverse lending opportunities. When lenders receive an offering from Aztec, they know that the loan has been properly structured and underwritten.

Forward Commitments

We arrange permanent loans to be funded at a future date to take out construction or bridge loans or to guarantee the refinance of maturing loans.

Bridge Loans

Often used in conjunction with the acquisition or turnaround of a property, these loans provide one to three years for the owner to reposition the property, thus redefining its economics. Upon completion of the repositioning, Aztec will arrange a sale or permanent financing.

Acquisition & Development Loans

To assist developers and investors in purchasing existing properties and sites for future development, Aztec arranges financing to meet short and medium term investment requirements.

Construction Loans

Aztec arranges construction financing for all property types but concentrates on apartments, condominiums, hotels, office buildings and retail properties. Our experience and relationships assure our clients that their loan is properly structured and user friendly.

Equity Investment

Aztec is a leader in structuring institutional and private equity to facilitate acquisitions and new project developments.

Mezzanine Loans

These loans are designed to increase the leverage on commercial and residential properties by inserting a layer of debt between the first mortgage loan and the owner's equity.

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